Gorenje cookbook

Welcome to the Gorenje cookbook

We are happy to introduce a cookbook of top-class recipes resulting from years of experience, testing and research in the field. By combining everyday ingredients found at your local store, and with cunning use of the many innovative functions of the Gorenje ovens, you will see truly superior results in the form of delicious and wholesome meals. Tasty meat, succulent fish, vegetables full of vitamins, fruit of wonderful colours, side dishes cooked to perfection – all this and much more is now possible in your home kitchen with your new Gorenje oven.

All recipes are intended for use with your Gorenje HomeChef or ProCook oven/steam oven and are specially adjusted to functions and settings of these ovens. They are systematically divided in basic types of food, which will aid you in cooking perfect meals. Each recipe includes a list of required ingredients and a brief description of the cooking method. Moreover, we have provided precise instructions on how to use the many features and options offered by the ovens for truly superior results. To this end, the basic automatic settings are also provided with each recipe, along with a clear definition as to which heater or combination thereof is best suited for the selected dish, what is the optimum cooking temperature and time, and what type of baking dish or pan to choose and which height level to place it on.